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Branko Samarovsky received the Great Diagonale Award for Acting

Branko Samarovsky received the Great Diagonale Award for Acting

Working with Haneke and Achternbusch

In the satire of Herbert Ashtenbusch “The Young Monk” (FRG 1978) Samarovsky was first seen in the cinema – in a supporting role. Subsequently, Samarovski participated in various film and television productions, including several works by Michael Haneke. For his portrayal of Andreas Bohm is invalid in Haneke’s television work “rebellion” (1993) was awarded the Golden Band for Best Actor by the Austrian Photographers Association – this time for a leading role. In Haneki movies 71 fragments of chance chronology (1994), “Wolf Time” (2003), “white band” (2009) – which, incidentally, will all be shown as part of Haneke’s special at Diagonale 2022 – Samarovski also participated.

From “brown” to “snot boy”

TV viewers should know Samarovsky as a passionate fruit and vegetable grower Blasius Schmalzel in the TV series “Der Winzerk├Ânig” (2005-2009) and as Dr. Major troublemaker in David Schalko’s series “Braunschlag” (2012). On the current diagonal, Samarovski will also be represented as a voice: he is in the animated film Deix “snot boy” Written by Marcus Rosenm├╝ller (2021).

The Great Diagonale Prize for Acting has been awarded since 2008: winners since then have included Karl Markovic, Josef Hader, Klaus Maria Brandor, Cinta Berger, Johannes Silberschneider, Maria Hofstadter, Georg Friedrich, Tobias Moretti, Ernie Mangold, Johannes Kreich, Ingrid Burkhard and Birgit Minischmeier, Ursula Strauss, and Kristen Ostermayer.

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