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Season 2 of The Shape of Culture wraps up its premiere with its final episode on March 6

BEIJING, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ The second season of Zhejiang TV’s cultural reality show “The Shape of Culture” stunned global viewers with fascinating stories about world heritage sites. Led by Shan Jixiang, director of the China Cultural Academy of Antiquities and who served as curator of the Palace Museum in Beijing between 2012 and 2019, the “youth squad” visited 11 destinations in the first 11 episodes of Season 2, focusing on the values ​​of cultural heritage, the continuation of Chinese civilization and the blending of world cultures. . The twelfth episode will be broadcast on March 6 and tells the story of the central Beijing hub, the best-preserved core area of ​​the old city of Beijing and the best example of the Chinese urban planning idea of ​​respecting the center.”

“On this journey, our strongest feeling is that once we realize the great magic of the cultural heritage around us, we will feel happiness from the bottom of our hearts, carried by nostalgia and, in some cases, pride,” Chan said. I want to integrate the world heritage into the modern life of the Chinese people, inspire more young people to embrace traditional Chinese culture, and convey China’s world heritage to the world with a lively cultural attitude.”

After the huge success of the first season, the series has developed its creative concept and narrative logic and now offers more in-depth and structured answers to the three key questions: What is World Heritage? Why is it a world heritage? What can world heritage do?

Choosing heritage sites This season, special emphasis is placed on diversity, which includes not only archaeological sites such as Yin Xu, but also natural and cultural sites such as Mt.Wuyi, highlighting a distinctive and unpretentious style with a youthful spirit, art and criticism. Thinking that the show gives a broader and deeper perspective on time and space. The “Youth Squad” also participated in the storytelling and planning meetings for the second season and expressed its personal thoughts on the World Heritage sites.

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The new season also improves the content structure to enhance the richness of the content: each episode begins with a commentary or curious fact, with treasures ‘talking’ with personal expression of historical myths and stories, bringing to light the vivid moments documenting modern city life, and recording real-life scenes around heritage sites. For 24 hours, through a historical chat room that virtually asks historical figures to tell stories, or using big data about heritage to ensure the uniqueness of Chinese cultural heritage in a global perspective.

The program aims to awaken the culture of World Heritage sites by bringing together technology and the aesthetics of traditional clothing, music, poetry and imaginative dialogue with the ancients to enrich and explore the extraordinary way of presenting culture. In the show, viewers can watch traditional fashion show, enjoy traditional concerts and participate in the night hair session through the lens.

Visually, the cinematic language of the new season emphasizes not only “beauty”, but also various ways of interpreting beauty. To achieve this goal, the production team used meticulous planning of camera angles as part of an integrated system that includes sound, lighting, graphics, style, and text: through performance, theatrical interpretation, and modern art, the show deconstructs the Chinese aesthetic to inspire public perceptions of China’s beauty.

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