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Wolfsburg: Lobisser’s flower shop closes after ten years

Wolfsburg: Lobisser’s flower shop closes after ten years

The traditional flower shop on the Lobisserweg in Wolfsberg will open for the last time this coming Saturday.

Fallsberg. With mixed feelings, owner Tanja Anastasia Loosli announces the end of the flower shop she took over in Wolfsberg about exactly ten years ago. She is not only the operator of the shop opposite the LKH car park, but also the owner of the property: “When the then operator of the Perchtold flower shop left at a relatively short notice, we were unable to find a successor,” Losley recalled. So I decided to continue working on my own under the name Blumen Lobisser.

Lots of regular customers

The shop mainly specialized in wedding and funeral flowers, but all other customer requests related to flowers and floral arrangements were also catered for. “60 percent of our customer base is definitely made up of repeat customers. They value both personal and professional support,” says Losley, who is now well-deserved retired: “The flower business is more difficult than you think. Although I’ve always hired female employees, I’ve been Always alone in the shop on Sundays and public holidays. It was only one week off a year, not every year.” “Now it’s time to enjoy some free time.”

Lovely time

However, Loosli will have fond memories of the time in the flower shop: “I don’t want to miss the connection and the nice conversations with customers,” says the boss, who would like to thank both the customers and all the employees.

Two employees

Apprentices have also trained at Blumen Lobisser over the years, most recently Sarah Lasser, who passed her final apprenticeship exam in 2018 and worked for her apprenticeship company until the end. The team was completed by Ramona Hinteregger. “Both employees already have prospects for new positions,” Loosley reports.

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total sale

Last opening day is Saturday May 20th until 2pm. Until then, all customers will receive 50 percent off all in-stock merchandise as part of the total sale. It is not yet clear what will happen to the commercial buildings.