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Business Partners Wanted: Live Congress Entrepreneurship Speed ​​Dating

Business Partners Wanted: Live Congress Entrepreneurship Speed ​​Dating

Pot is looking for cover: At the invitation of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce, about 100 entrepreneurs from Upper Styria met at Live Congress Leoben on Thursday to open new business opportunities and find cooperation partners.

Leoben. Entrepreneurs, no matter how long they’ve been in business, know how important connections are to a career. Extensive communication is almost essential to professional success. But where do you start? In order to give a little help to entrepreneurs, the Styrian Chamber of Commerce Thursday for the first time Trade Communication Fair in Upper Styria To Live Congress Leoben. This event is a kind of “speed dating” for those who are looking for new business opportunities and partnerships.

Inclusion of entrepreneurs

Under setup and Moderate talks rounds Companies had the opportunity to offer their products and services to each other. Astrid BowmanThe chairwoman of the Chamber of Commerce in Leoben and her colleagues from the surrounding areas stressed that the Chamber of Commerce not only represents interests, offers education and service, but also has other tasks to perform. This includes bringing together entrepreneurs as well Network building in the area.

Many businessmen from the region who accepted the invitation showed the network that the offer was also accepted. In view of the huge popularity, there is one for next year Plan to repeat the event.

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About 100 participants accepted the invitation to the entrepreneurship speed-dating event at Live Congress Leoben.  |  Photo: Klaus Morgenstern


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