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PHOTO AND VIDEO GALLERY: This was Salzburg’s 2023 Triathlon

PHOTO AND VIDEO GALLERY: This was Salzburg’s 2023 Triathlon

The Salzburg companies also held a sports competition in the 11th Salzburg company triathlon. Employers and employees put on their sneakers together and rose to the challenge.

Salzburg. Donning trainers, helmets, bathing caps, swimming goggles and equipped with timers on their legs, the company’s athletes gave their all for the day again in and around Levering Bathing Lake. The area happily cycled and the cutting edge bought on foot in the last few metres. Again this year the weather gods have been very positive about the event.

Complete success

Participating companies competed with each other in several waves. The duo started, followed by the trio. There was a relaxed atmosphere throughout. For many participants, the competition is simply about being out there and measuring yourself against old acquaintances in a friendly way. Organizer Josef Gruber is also very satisfied.

“This year the rush was particularly big. About 600 people took part in the 11th Salzburg Triathlon. This puts the number of participants from last year in the shadows and of course a lot for us as organizers. The new option with the duo was also well received. We will certainly have This chance again next year.”
Joseph Gruber, arranger


The Salzburg Triathlon XI also brought some innovations this time around. For example, company teams can only compete in the duathlon if they do not have a suitable swimmer ready. This is said to have been determined based on a lot of feedback. In duos, the swimming cycle is replaced by another short-term one. Both running distances are covered by the same participant.

  • Then it looks like this:
  • Run 2.3 km (1 lap)
  • 7.8 kilometers by bike
  • Run 3.4 km (2 laps)
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600 employees and employers competed in the Salzburg company's three-race competition at the Levering Bathing Lake.  |  Photo: Philip Steiner

Also new is that this time there is a separate apprentice rating. A special concern for the organizers of WKS-Betriebssport and AK-Betriebssport is to inspire future team sports specialists and executives.

For this reason, there will be a separate assessment of vocational training for the first time this year. For this rating, all squadron members must be employed as company trainees. The special feature is that interns can create their own flocks across companies, so colleagues from vocational schools from different companies can come together,” says the event website.

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