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Buttenbrunn – Karlstetten – Karlstetten is back to winning ways

Buttenbrunn – Karlstetten – Karlstetten is back to winning ways

Buttenburn – Karlstetten 0:2. SKVg Pottenbrunn seemed to have coped well with their first defeat of the season (2:3 in Purkersdorf) and quickly got back on track against Karlstetten. Alias ​​Hamkar went ahead, but was blocked by SVKN goalkeeper Niels Grasshopf, who reacted brilliantly. After a pass from Richard Frank, Marcus Mader had the chance to make it 1-0, but Graschopf got back to work, closing the corner and saving the visitors from falling behind. After the 20th minute, Karlstetten’s players got into the game better and gradually took control of the home team’s powerful attack.

The counterattack brings the lead

The visitors had a long drought behind them, had been waiting for complete success since September 2 (1-0 at Ratzersdorf) and were desperate for points so that the gap to the top of the table did not become too great. Shortly before the end of the first half, coach Andy Hehr’s team scored after a counterattack by Robert Vanes with a wonderful individual effort (42nd minute). But Buttenbrunn did not let the deficit get them off track, and shortly after the break, Karlstetner’s side were lucky to turn the ball over in front of the goal line when Michael Halm hit the crossbar (47′).

Buttenbrunn’s next setback

The beautifully played goal gave Pottenbrunner’s side a decisive blow in the neck: Vanis took direct advantage of Tobias Zuser’s sharp cross, which was not easy to handle, and finally put Karlstetten on his way to victory. After that, the hosts were no longer able to find a solution against SVKN’s strong defence, and due to the numerous counter-attack opportunities afforded to the title contenders, they escaped with a 2-0 loss. “We could have played until tomorrow and not scored,” SVKG coach Philipp Brunner said. “Karlstetten has many good individual players. A defeat like this can happen.” SVKN division leader Gerhard Scherner was happy with the important victory: “It was our best match of the season. Buttenbrunn was a good opponent, and the goalkeeper saved us from going behind. In general, the win is not deserved. “For the first time, we played the way we had imagined for weeks.”

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October 15, 2023 at 3:30 pm


SKVG Geberit Buttenbrunn – SV Karlstetten/Needling 0:2 (0:1).

Target sequence: 0:1 (42) Vanes, 0:2 (54) Vanes.

Yellow cards: Richard (unsportsmanlike 48th), Bauer (foul 61), Kotstorfer (unsportsmanlike 87th), Halm (foul 91); Kosurin (unsportsmanlike conduct no. 22), Djoser (foul no. 57).

Buttenbrunn: Richard. Grünebaum (edited 46), Halm, Bauer, Iwo; Dorson, Kotstorfer; Riedler, Frank, Mader (70. Wang); Hamkar.

Karlstetten: the lawn. Janine, Schilberger, Nemec, Nashforge; P. temperament, sevric; Schinkel (Ackerling No. 89), Kosurin, Djoser (Wurm No. 61); Vannes (89. Atzinger).

Buttenbrunn, 120 spectators, SR Kursat Senghor.

Protectorates: 0:1 (0:1). – Target: Marchart.