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Carnival in Vols: Völser Joggl has to wait a day longer

Iron rules apply in Völs: Carnival always starts on February 3rd – but not if that day is a Friday.

Ironically, when Joggl returns, February 3rd is Friday. This means that the show will be delayed for a whole day. After waking up the last two years Folser’s carnival avatar in a warehouse or backyard, you can visit Fei Syndicate Carnival Live well with her.


The exact timetable is explained by the head of the carnival guild, Bruno Bertel, who knows all too well: “Since the third of February, and therefore Blasius’ day falls on a Friday this year, we have to postpone the excavation of Schlanggtag and Joggl by a day, since it is traditionally in Völs, There is no carnival on Friday. The Schlanggltag will therefore take place on February 3, 2023 from 7 pm in the tent on the village squarewhere you’ll play the cannonball mood of Marco Spiegel from Oberperfuss right. Blasius Day and the local holiday will take place on February 3, 2023. The municipal office is closed on this day and masses with Blasius’ blessing will be held as usual in Blasiusberg.”


The exploration of Joggl is of course particularly important to the chairman and all of its members. On Saturday, February 4, 2023, the big excavations will take place in the village square After two years of absence due to the epidemic. The march will take place to the village square shortly after 3:00 pm. The Völs marching band, the Völser Fasnachtler, the fabulous witches and of course the Huttlerzug of the Völs guild for the carnival with our figurehead, Völser JOGGL, being carried asleep on a stretcher to the village square.”

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Then it starts

Many guests of honor will attend this unique event along with the Mayor of Fiè Peter Lobenwein, the neighboring Mayor and Vice-President of the State Parliament, Sophia Kircher.
The program in the village square will last about an hour and will consist of wonderful performances and hearty sayings. Union President Bruno Bertel and Deputy Mayor Peter Tice will run the event.

the first show

Due to political developments, there is a return premiere: Völser Fasnachts-Joggl will be premiered this year by the new mayor Peter Lobenwein. And absolutely new will also be the handover of the mayor’s office, which will be handed over by Mayor Peter Lupinoen this year. The recipient is in no way untrained in office practice. He held office for many years as “Hattler Mayor” – this year he will assume the Executive Presidency as Acting Deputy Mayor. Not everyone involved wanted to confirm if Peter Ties would stir things up there during his tenure – we’ll still be in touch with Joggl.
Only one thing matters right now: everyone come to the Joggl pits on Saturday, February 4th in Fouls!

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