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Elisabeth Politz returns to Hans Sigl after nearly 10 years

Elisabeth Politz returns to Hans Sigl after nearly 10 years

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from: Jonas Arbas

After nearly ten years, Elisabeth Politz is back with Hans Sigl and Co. In “Der Bergdoktor”. In the ZDF series, it now plays a completely different role.

Elmo – Shortly before the end of the year, the sixteenth season of “Mountain DoctorThere was not only a reunion with Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl, 53), his brother Hans (Heiko Ruprecht, 50) and other main characters of the Doctors series, but also with a well-known face: Elisabeth Baulitz (49) was part of a total of seven Since 2014 Since 2008 a continuous success story.

Elisabeth Politz has already played in “Der Bergdoktor” – she flirts with Martin Gruber’s brother Hans

The picturesque Alpine scenery is deceptive, because a family drama takes place in the Gruberhof in Season 16: The quarrel between Dr. Martin Gruber and Pflugers have really ramped up lately. But while the series itself is currently very exciting, ZDF viewers can look forward to the return of a well-known face on Thursday (January 26) — but not everyone got to know Elizabeth Politz.

In 2014, Elisabeth Politz was already seen in “Der Bergdoktor”, when, as Mia Thalbach’s teacher, she turned the head of Hans Gruber, the brother of the title protagonist. She has now appeared again in the ZDF series, but in a completely different role (photomontage) © ZDF / Stefanie Leo / Erika Hauri

From 2014 to 2015, the 49-year-old had seven “Mountain Doctor“The episodes have already taken on the role of Mia Thalbach. To recall: for almost ten years, the beautiful teacher has been trying to win the heart of Hans Gruber in the course of the story. At that time, love was even a reason for separation between the serial brother of Hans Siegel and the landlady Suzanne Drisetel (Natalie O’Hara 46) “Wilder Kaiser”.

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Criticisms of “Burgedoctor” – a specialized magazine for doctors criticizing the ZDF series:

“Der Bergdoktor” may be well received by viewers, but there are already criticisms of the series from a professional perspective. German Medical Journal Distinguished protagonist, Dr. Martin Gruber as an uncooperative know-it-all whose daily life in the series has nothing to do with the actual medical profession. The ZDF series is riddled with clichés and conveys “the classic image of doctors from old Heimat films.”

Elisabeth Politz again alongside Hans Sigl in Bergdoktor – but in a new role

In Episode 5 of Season 16 (“Im Netz”), Elisabeth Paulitz brings back “Der Bergdoktor”. But this time, she portrays not Mia Talbach, but Katja Becker, a patient who resists advice and dispenses with Martin Gruber’s medical expertise and wants to treat herself. It doesn’t look much like her previous role: Her wavy brown mane has been swapped out for a tougher dark blonde hairstyle.

The 49-year-old has also proven herself as an actress in other popular productions, including ‘Tatort’, ‘In aller Hoffnung’ and ‘Die Rosenheim-Cops’. However, she is no longer part of the violent family drama that keeps Doctor Who viewers in suspense. Martin Gruber recently had to admit the “mountain doctor”‘s big lie to his brother Hans – Then he left the farm! Sources used: “Der Bergdoktor” (ZDF; Season 16, Episode 5),