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Charity Concert for the Sisters of Charity with Gert Prize: Tribute to Udo Jürgens

Charity Concert for the Sisters of Charity with Gert Prize: Tribute to Udo Jürgens

At the Kunsthalle Leoben, Gert Prix musically bows to the legendary Udo Jürgens with a cross-section of his rich works. The charity concert organized by Leoben’s Sisters of Charity International on the occasion of International Women’s Day was a great success.

Leoben. Purple sanddresserLeoben W., and current President of the International Club of Sisters of Charity Barbara FredoThe Vice President of the Southern Region welcomed the guests with an explanation of the theme of the evening. “gender inequality” – which the organizers demonstrated by wearing mismatched shoes – unfortunately still applies today. The proceeds from the evening benefit women and girls in difficult situations in the region. Part of the money also goes to partner clubs in the earthquake-affected regions of Turkey and Syria. During intermission, as well as before and after the concert experience, a buffet was available for refreshments under the theme “West meets East,” which music-loving guests were happy to use for a free donation.

In-depth lyrics and hit songs

Biggest hits, evergreen trees and anecdotes made the musical work of Udo Jürgens the benefit evening of the Leoben International Club of the Sisters of Charity a successful event. People sang together or just listened enthusiastically – Udo Jürgen’s melodies touched everyone in the lively hall. Udo Jürgens has shaped world music history for more than 60 years. During his unparalleled career, he has recorded more than 50 albums and written more than 1,000 songs. He has even composed works for international greats like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

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Udo Jürgens authorized Gert Prix to imitate it personally during his lifetime, for which Prix also became world famous. Gert Prix brought not only well-known songs like “But please with cream” and “Das honerbare Haus”, but also songs with contemplative and critical lyrics like “Roter Mohn” or “What is important” that were written a long time ago, but still have their authenticity.

Gert Prix guarantees musical quality

The Klagenfurt musician began his musical career at the age of seven at the Klagenfurt Conservatory, he founded his band “Three Tites” as a teenager, with which he won his first “big chance” for Peter Raab in 1980 at the age of 23. The band has been considered by their showrunner for many years “Cult band from Wörthersee” And she acted, among others, in Wörthersee films by Lisa Film. “Three Tight” was replaced in 2000 by the still-standing “Beach Band”, a tribute to the Beach Boys and flower powerhouse band. Since 2007, Gert Prix has been operating on an area of ​​about 1,700 square meters at the Klagenfurt Exhibition Center. The largest iBoard museum in the world With nearly 2,000 exhibits and rarities, some of which are by famous musicians. Prix ​​also restores and maintains all of these same instruments. The Eboard Museum is one of the most unique places in Klagenfurt.

Barbara Friedau (center) and Barbel Sandresser also visually drew attention to gender inequality.  Municipal Councilor Marjit Kashmiri (pictured left)


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