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Children Make Music – Petronell-Carnuntum: “In the Wonderland of Fantasy”

Children Make Music – Petronell-Carnuntum: “In the Wonderland of Fantasy”

Technician Thomas Crisco, musician Susanna Mazzacarini, moderator Claudia Hoff and technician Christophe Hänel with young musicians.

Joseph Rettler

DrThe association “MuBiZ” organized an open-air concert with the best scenes from self-composed musicals.

The association “MuBiZ” (Center for Musical Education) invited the final evening at the Kulturhaus on Friday, the program included individual performances by young music students and the best scenes from the musicals “Robert the Little Vampire”, “Chaos in the Elfenwerkstatt” and “In the Easter Bunny School” “. Works were carried out throughout the year. In the second part of the evening, Mikaela Dorisova showcased her skills on the piano with “The River Flows In You” by Yiruma and Johannes Pruckner with a three piece by Patrick Watson.

The theme for the evening was ‘Follow the Butterfly to a Wonderland of Fantasy’. Under the plot, an evil wizard and his assistant travel to the locations of musicals to sow confusion there. The young actors did their job with great enthusiasm and got a lot of applause for the often amazingly funny scenes. The president of “MuBiZ” Susanna Mazzacarini accompanied the children at the piano. She composed and rehearsed musicals with children. The program was led by Claudia Hoff, known as Carnuntum’s cultural medium and singer of the duo “Frauenwahl 2.0”. At the end, the cast and audience sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” together.

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