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Jennersdorf – Singing Pastor Franz Brey presents a new CD

Jennersdorf – Singing Pastor Franz Brey presents a new CD

“These new songs have become very dear to me and they fulfill one of my important professional ingredients: wonderful additional opportunities to convey to people an optimistic, comforting, confident and also thoughtful content,” says Franz Prie, aptly describing his new CD.

With great devotion and joy, Franz Prie prepared 16 new songs and one instrumental title and performed them authentically in the new recordings. Music producer Walter Wesley adds, “We’ve tried to put together an album that doesn’t just address the growing concerns and issues that people are facing, which have multiplied over the past few years and months.” Therefore, in addition to “some of the most beautiful and dignified church hymns in a new musical guise”, many cheerful and moody songs were recorded, for example the title song “Make Sunday a little out of every day”, the old folk song “Hohe Tannen” and the hymn of hope “Alle Bells Ring for Peace”.

The priest-singer also commented on three topics from the psalms of the Bible as impulses of meditation, accompanied by appropriate pieces of music. Furthermore, contributions from the “Signum!” , composed as a mixture of Latin chorales and relaxed extensions, is on CD.

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