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Warm-up tour with Thomas Bernhardt’s “Der Theatremacher”: At the newly renovated Vienna Folkstaiter Theater, the old white man in the theater of director Kai Voges has become a hellish stunner.

to Ute Baumhackl | 01.28, May 27, 2021

Strong performance: Nick Romeo Riemann, Anna Reiser, Uwe Rohbeck, Andreas Beck, Anck Zelic © Volkstheater / Osterman

Looks good, the Volkswagen Theater in Vienna. Thanks to a thorough renovation, the ruins have been transformed once again into the magnificent theater that was before. The process should not continue until the fall, when the director is Kay Fujis He opened his first season. The new president is already showing little prediction what comes under the banner of “heating the house.” First of all: production Thomas Bernhards Der Theatremacher, a modern literary dramatic classic. Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig Culture advisor Veronica Cobb-Hasler, But also the ancestor of Voges Anna Padora It is there when the curtain rises on Wednesday for the alleged government actor Bruskon, who wants to create his own world stage with his family on a tour through the villages and has problems with preparations in Uzbach, a small town in Austria’s deepest county appears to have his comedy “The Wheel of Time.”

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