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Comment: Choosing a profession: the decisive factor is enthusiasm

Many companies are currently having difficulties finding interns. It will be of great importance that we give more importance to this form of training especially handicrafts in our society. One thing must be said for young people at this point: No matter what they choose, enthusiasm matters.

Lubin District. Everyone is different. We all have Different interests, talents and ideas. There are those who like to sit in the office, perhaps juggling numbers or words and appreciating routine. Others thrive on working with people, whether that be social, sales or customer service. Still others love hands-on exercise and physical activity and can’t imagine being “locked in” at the office.

Do what you are passionate about

Everything you do and want to do: The deciding factor is she agitation. If this is missing, the best job in the world can become torture. But when you are there, the weekend is not long on Mondays, going to bed on Sunday evenings is half berserk and the thought of seeing your mates again makes the corners of your mouth pop. in our area Special topic “Education” We want to bring to your attention the wide range of career opportunities available today for young people and seniors. It’s never too late to do what you’re passionate about.

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