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Competition for Harry & Meghan: How William and Kate are trying to take over America

Competition for Harry & Meghan: How William and Kate are trying to take over America

They turned their backs on the British Royal Family and with it Great Britain to start a new, independent life in America and make their own lives. But when Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan Previously considered the only royal superstars working in the US, they may soon face competition in the US Prince William And Princess Catherine Received, reported.

William and Kate want to establish themselves as a brand in America

According to the British Glass The Prince and Princess of Wales are said to be keen to become more prominent in the US in the future. The pair reportedly filed a trademark application in the US recently.

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On May 12, William reportedly filed an application to trademark “The Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales” at the US Patent and Trademark Office. Address of application is Kensington Palace, London.

The application seeks to trademark the foundation’s name for “advertising campaigns, charitable fundraising, educational activities and mental health-related health services”.

In general, William and Kate are said to want to expand: it has also been reported that the Welsh will attend various royal engagements around the world to promote the monarchy in the future.

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Expert: William sees himself in a “global role”.

Associate Editor of Sunday Mail, Kate MunseyThe British couple recently spoke on The Royal Beat Podcast about how they “need to get America on their side” in their philanthropic efforts.

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“The issue of philanthropy in America has grown tremendously,” he noted. “So if you want to start a big global venture, you have to get a foothold in America.”

Prince William “knows you have to have America on your side. He’s very serious about his role being global. He’s on the world stage and will make the most of it,” the aristocracy expert said. the throne

Mancey also pointed out that if William and Kate expand their operations to the US, the existing rivalry between Wales and Sussex could intensify.

He describes William’s attempt to establish himself as a brand in America as his first overt attempt to change public perception of the royal family. “[William und Kate] These will be [Aura] Save the ‘Greatness’ – […]”At the same time it’s ‘for the people, for the people’,” she said, adding that William and Kate “know what they’re good at.”