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Concert in the Dining Hall: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a Guest at Staines

Concert in the Dining Hall: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a Guest at Staines

Musical delight: The 2022 Abbey and Palace Concerts series concludes with Mozart’s Viennese Volksoper and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Magic Flute at Staines.

A nicer frame – that’s what you assume as a Stainzer – than that dining hall In Castle Steins Steirische سلسلة series Convents of the monastery and the palace I can not wish. The baroque hall revealed its excellent acoustics and was also a feast for the eyes of visitors. “The monastery and palace ceremonies are secured for another three years,” he thanked. John Holick From the organizing team in welcoming the financial assistance to the country. “Be curious”, wished visitors full cultural fun at the opera magic flute.

From Sarastro, Tamino and the Queen of the Night

The audience was captured by the first note. who – which Mozart Ensemble from the Vienna Volksoper Extract the deepest feelings from the melodies. The grandeur of the young man, who died early, is already evident in such early sections as “I am a birder,” “This painting is so charmingly beautiful” or “You beautiful dove, just come.” composers. Well, those were the staples of operas, but even with lesser-known sequences like “That sounds so cool,” “How strong is your magical tone” or “Oh, I feel it, it’s gone” you can’t miss a note.

great band

This is also commendable in the loudest tones Mozart Ensemble from the Vienna Volksoper with the performers Birgit Ramez (flute), Alexander Borgers (also), Peter Sagecic (Viola) and Christophe Pantheon (cello). All musicians can refer to sufficient experience in solo and group performances at home and abroad. To characterize someone – the main role – the soloist of the magic flute was convincing – not only because of her talented memories of Mozart – on all levels. As a strong reader, Karl Minrad agreed, for many years Burgtheater Actor, with his recitations about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his letters to the “Dearest and Best Female” in the program. Very interesting fact: Mozart created six compositions in the last six months of his life.

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Archduke Johann Yodel As Appearance

It came as it should have and was more musical Balm for the soul of Styria: The band performed the vocals of Archduke Johann in various forms as appearances.