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'Corsage' won first prize at the London Film Festival

‘Corsage’ won first prize at the London Film Festival

Sisi’s “Corsage” was well received in London © APA / ALAMODE FILM / RICARDO VAZ PALMA

Ominous omen in the race for European cinema and foreign Oscars: Director Marie Kreutzer’s “Corsage” was awarded “Best Film” at the London Film Festival on Sunday. Sisi’s unusual painting beat seven strong contenders in the main competition, including the political thriller “Argentina, 1985” by Santiago Mitre, which was recently shown at the Venice Film Festival, and the Canadian youth film “Brother” by Clement Virgo.

“Corsage” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May. In the historical drama, the Austrian Empress is depicted on her fortieth birthday. The film, strongly supported by leading actress Vicki Krebs, shows how hard the Queen has dealt with aging, as she was once an icon of beauty.

The European co-production is also part of the European Film Awards 2022, which will be presented in Reykjavik on December 10. In addition, Austria was nominated for “Corsage” for Best Foreign Language Film at the most prestigious Academy Award. Whether the Austrian contribution will take part in the ceremony in March 2023 is an open question. On December 21, the foreign Oscar shortlist of 15 films will be published.

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