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Fehervar wants to avoid the looming sweep!  - Hockey -

Fehervar wants to avoid the looming sweep! – Hockey –

On Monday, EC Red Bull Salzburg already had the chance to win the ICE Hockey League for a day as a guest at Hydro Fehérvár AV19. No team has ever managed a 0:3 deficit in a final. However, the Hungarians are dying for their first victory in the multinational league final. On the other hand, the Red Bulls could only be the second team – after the 2017 Sposo Vienna Capitals – to complete the perfect post-season without a single defeat.

EC Red Bull Salzburg travel to Székesfehérvár with a comfortable 3-0 lead, with a chance to win the ICE Hockey League without losing a single. Salzburg’s record read impressively, but the previous three games against Hydro Fehérvár AV19 were all on edge until the last minutes – in the first game even after that. While in the first final the score was up to nearly 82 minutes, in the second and third final the Hungarians managed to advance for a while.

In the last three games so far, the Red Bulls are leading by just 36 minutes 23 seconds out of a total of nearly 205 minutes. However, it was not enough to achieve Hervar’s first win in the club’s history. Another completely sold-out witch cauldron at the Ocskay Gábor Arena should ensure that. Hungarian fans played a major role in breaking the 100,000 viewer mark in the post-season in the ICE Hockey League. >> Details can be found here

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No team has ever reached the sixth or seventh game after falling 3-0 down in the final
EC Red Bull Salzburg is chasing its seventh title since joining the league after 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2015 and 2016. But for the first time, Salzburg managed to complete the post-season to perfection. So far, only the spusu Vienna Capitals team has been able to do so in 2017. However, a final sweep would be nothing new for Salzburg. They actually booked it in 2015 when they were guests at Villach and crowned themselves champions for the fifth time. Since the re-establishment of the league (1/00), the champion has only been able to complete a series of finals three times unbeaten (2013 KAC, 2015 RBS and 2017 VIC). For only the fourth time in league history, a team advanced 3-0 in the “Best of Seven” final series. Only once did the opponent manage to force a fifth match. In the second season after the founding of the new league, the Black Wings Linz drew 3-1 against Villach in the final series before the Eagles lifted the championship title. No team has ever made it to Game Six or Seven after falling 3-0 down in the final.

win2day ace hockey league | 04/11/2022 | FOUR Finals | Schedule:
Mon, 11 April 2022 7:45 pm: Hydro Fehérvár AV19 – EC Red Bull Salzburg
Referees: OFNER, ZRNIC, Nothegger and Seewald. | >> LIVE ON PULS24 <
Standing in the final series “Best of Seven”: 0: 3, Photo: GEPA pictures / Csaba Doemoetoer

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