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Early Concert: Concert – COELI et TERRA “Oh My Dear – Eternal Longing”

Early Concert: Concert – COELI et TERRA “Oh My Dear – Eternal Longing”

The Völs Cultural Group cordially invites you to attend the ceremony

Koli and Terra
“Oh dear – eternal longing”

Rosarum flores/Cantharsis groups

Evangelical Church of the Cross
Friedensstraße 1, Völs
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Starts at 7:30pm

Acceptance: Voluntary donations

In 2014, recordist Ilse Strauss and oud player Wolfgang Braxmarer founded the band Rosarum Floris in Innsbruck. With its diverse concert programs and educational performances, the ensemble covers a musical range from the late Middle Ages through the Renaissance and Baroque to the Biedermeier and into the 20th century. The show ranges from duets to a wide range of singers, wind instruments, string instruments and keyboard instruments. Several CD productions document the musical diversity of this group.
In the current programme, Ilse Strauß and Wolfgang Praxmarer perform with harpsichordist and recordist Reinhild Waldek and with violinist Eva Pedarnig.

The vocal ensemble CANTHARSIS was founded in 2018 by singer and singing teacher Otto Rastbichler, who previously worked in early international orchestras (Huelgas, Daedalus, Voces Wien). The five-member ensemble, consisting of experienced singers and singing teachers, is dedicated to performing works dating primarily from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods, especially reviving the Ferdinandium State Museum’s rich compositional collection from this period.

The COELI et TERRA concert entitled “O Lieb – Eternal Longing” (Musical Cosmos ca. 1600 in Tyrol) is a continuation of the collaboration between the two groups, which, in addition to performances in the ConTakt / Early Music in Conversation event series, took place at the Haus der Musik Innsbruck two concerts Two musicals with works by Tyrolean composers of the Renaissance.
The program includes instrumental music as well as sacred and secular vocal works from the Innsbruck Court Orchestra.

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