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The anthem of departure and arrival

The anthem of departure and arrival

It was a bit like a class reunion: Opus mastermind Ewald Pfleger sent a song to his old school friend Günther Ofner. The idea for the new airport song “Welcome to Vienna” was born. The song says, among other things: “I’m waiting for you in Vienna.”

And a musician with an impressive resume knows a thing or two about waiting. Pfleger thought the airport needed a new song, so he wrote it and sent it to Offner, known as the CEO of Vienna Airport. “No. 1 has become an entire album,” Pfleger told Klein Zeitung newspaper.

The album was called the anthem of departure, which was released on Friday “We are one.” Opus recorded it with the Schick Sisters. In addition to the orchestrated tracks, there is also an International Women’s Day song titled “We” – arranged by Christian Kolonovits, and former Opus singer Herwig Ruedeser also makes a surprise appearance. From October 6, sisters Christine, Katarina and Veronica Schiescho will go on tour with Flieger, Günter Grasmuk, Kurt Plessner and Erich Buchbner, which will also take them to Graz (October 14) and Fürstenfeld (October 27). The colorful cover is inspired by the “Paradiso” trilogy by Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015), whose son Tillmann works at Vienna Airport. Ideal conditions for your presentation.

Among the 200 guests were many comrades and friends such as actress Aglaia Sheskowitz, pop legend Boris Bukovsky, speaker Vera Russwurm, designer Brigitte Gast, and the Viennese music duo Blonde…