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Culture with winegrowers - When culture and wine unite in Lower Austria

Culture with winegrowers – When culture and wine unite in Lower Austria

Games and tastings continue until September 2 at wineries, wine taverns, cellar lanes, and other Lower Austrian locations. Here what belongs come together: artists, winegrowers, the audience for which the collected wine is served and the cultural experience of Lower Austria.

Lower Austria is often referred to throughout the country as a “cultural stronghold”. The culture of indulgence also plays an important role. Showcasing high-quality wine and culinary has made a significant contribution to this: “Through our refreshingly innovative series of events, Culture at Winegrowers, we combine our strengths from the fields of art, culture and wine. Between vineyards and cellar walkways, picnic and holiday guests encounter a variety of Arts and culture in non-traditional venues.

“The best wines in Lower Austria are served with it,” says Michael Schwerer, Managing Director of Lower Austria Advertising. Singer Tiny Trambler and her band Die Playbackdolls secured a successful start to the series of events “Culture among Winegrowers” on Friday evening (July 1, 2022) at the Vorspannhof Droß in Kremstal. Musically, different genres were covered as usual.

Thanks to its unique electronics array, accordion, trumpet, guitar, and charismatic vocalist, the Playbackdolls’ sound stayed clear. In addition to the very emotional songs, there were also tastings of the best house wines.

“A start we love,” stresses Reinhard Zuchmann, Head of Viticulture in Lower Austria, adding: “Our guests can look forward to 38 events in the future. These not only create encounters between those interested in wine, art and culture, but also honor the regions of Lower Austria and wineries “.

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Great theater for wine, art and culture

Spread over a total of eight wine-growing regions in Lower Austria, cabaret artists such as Victor Gernot, Thomas Maurer, Rudi Rubink and accordionist Heidland Gratzel along with jazz musicians Siji Finkel, Mamadou Diabatti and a plethora of other artists will provide cultural fun until September 2, 2022.

The following applies: Fine wine meets a vibrant cultural scene from folk music to poetry, all in an ever-changing setting. Kristin Pennerstorfer of the Department of Arts and Culture of the State of Lower Austria welcomes the great interest in the series of events taking place for the third time: “The project represents a collaboration between NiederösterreichWerbung, Wein Niederösterreich and the State Ministry of Culture. It is a common cause and a common goal of carrying out unique events with vineyards. Wine and culture make up every event. And the most important thing: they make people talk and open their appetites.”

Winzerslam – Poetry meets wine tasting

This year, the famous winemaking slam is once again a constant element of “Culture in Winzerinnen und Winzerinnen”: on July 10, 2022, Mieze Medusa will run the shows of six players at the Norbert Bauer winery, who will compete against each other in three rounds. With each tour, the guests are served the best wines from the winery. The winner of the winemaker’s competition can impress another audience on July 31 at the Maringer Winery – it happens when Rudi Rubink tastes wine from the winery with winemaker Johannes Maringer.

Upcoming events in “Culture among Vineyards” (excerpt)


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• Friday, 8.7. Anne Bennett at the Nikolaihof in Mautern

• Sunday 10.7. Lower Austria Winzerslam 2022 at Weingut Bauer in Jetzelsdorf

• Friday 22.7. Sigi Finkel & Mamadou Diabate & Heidelinde Gratzl at the Toifl Winery in Kleinhöflein

• Sunday 24.7. Albin Paulus and Ines Schüttengruber in the Baumgartner Range in Untermarkersdorf

• Friday 29.7. Strottern at Jederspeigen Castle


• Saturday 6.8. Cordofon at the Mantlerhof in Gedersdorf

• Saturday, 20.8. With the Riegelhofer family in Poysdorf: Eva Rossmann

• Sunday, 21.8. Winery Eichberger in Eibesbrunn: Stickler & Koschelu

• Friday, 26.8. In Weinhofmeisterei Hirtzberger in Wösendorf in Wachau: Otto Lechner

• Sunday, 28.8. In the field of Wachau in Dürnstein: Florian Scheuba

• Monday, 29.8. Schaflerhof in Traiskirchen: Martin Spengler & foischn Wiener *innen


• Thursday, 1.9. Weingut Förthof Krems: Enjoy music in church and cellar

• Friday, 2.9. Winery Payr in Höflein: Marwan Abado and Peter Rosmaneth