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Delta Air Lines Flight DL194 from Atlanta to Barcelona: Passenger Has Diarrhea – Turn Back!  |  News

Delta Air Lines Flight DL194 from Atlanta to Barcelona: Passenger Has Diarrhea – Turn Back! | News

The passengers of this flight were exposed to turbulence of a different kind…

Delta Air Lines flight DL194 from Atlanta to Barcelona took off last Friday as scheduled at 8:47pm (local time). But only a short time later, one of the passengers fell terribly ill – and the two pilots were eventually forced to turn back due to the severe diarrhea he was suffering from.

The decision came over the clouds when the plane was already two US states to the north. Over Virginia, the crew, along with the pilots, decided to remove the sick passenger from the plane and thoroughly clean the inside of the machine.

In a radio message to air traffic control, which was later distributed to X (formerly Twitter), the pilot announced: “We have a biological problem here. We have a passenger who has had diarrhea all over the plane so we have to fly back to Atlanta.”

The full extent becomes apparent in the passenger descriptions. One wrote: “My wife and I were on the plane. It was pure chaos. The pilots made the right decision to go back. The floor crew ripped out all the carpeting and put a new one in.”

Another: “It was so bad. It ran down the aisle and it smelled awful. The vanilla-scented cleanser made everything smell like vanilla charred.”

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A passenger shared a short video of the evacuating plane on TikTok. Towels are placed on the benches and in the aisle

Photo: tiktok

Two hours after takeoff, DL194 landed back in Atlanta. The sick passenger was treated by paramedics, and the plane was cleaned and disinfected. So good that it was not necessary to cancel the flight: after five hours, the passengers were able to continue their journey. The plane finally landed in Barcelona after a delay of about eight hours.

After the diarrhea debacle, only Delta Airlines declared an unexpected medical emergency. She continued, “Our teams worked as quickly and safely as possible to thoroughly clean the aircraft and get our customers to their destinations. We sincerely apologize to our customers for the delay and inconvenience to their travel plans.”