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Studying the upcoming BMW i3?

Studying the upcoming BMW i3?

( — In January, BMW showed what an electric sedan based on the future New Class platform could look like with the iVision Dee. Shortly before the IAA, BMW is now presenting – no, not a production model, but another study that also now bears the ‘new class’ in its name. In fact, it was also clear, because the new chapter should not begin before 2025.

BMW Vision New Class (2023)

In general, the new version of iVision D little likeness. The car is a bit reminiscent of the Lancia Delta. It looks sporty, similar to the BMW 2 Series Coupe, but with much more angularity than current BMWs.

The car has a notch. It remains to be seen whether a small trunk lid was fitted as on today’s BMW 3 Series and 2 Series Coupé or a large trunk lid as on the BMW i4, as the joints are not clearly visible.

The traditional renal reticle gets a new interpretation

But you can see the big glass ceiling clearly. The interface still features two diagonal light bars, easily recognizable in the dark. The strong notch on the front cover has also remained unchanged.

BMW wants to incorporate the traditional kidney grille into a reinterpretation, but here the brand deviates significantly from today’s look. Also, the round headlights mentioned by BMW are not reflected in the photos. It may not appear until the drive is turned on.

However, the shark nose, i.e. the forehead retracted downward, is typical of BMWs. The Hofmeister grille, the double grille in the line of the rear side windows at the transition from the C-pillar to the horizontal belt line, is also clearly recognizable.

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The doors should open automatically

In the area between the headlights, a welcome light should appear when approaching. In the lower area of ​​the side windows, the e-ink elements should also show welcome effects – but this may not be possible yet in 2025. The doors should open automatically, so you don’t have to open them anymore.

Unlike the Dee, the rear lights no longer follow the front double diagonal lines, but feature ring-shaped elements.

Inside, the somewhat angular steering wheel has been retained, but next to it is a traditional touchscreen in landscape format; Nothing is visible to the controls that magically shine from the dashboard:

The contents of the head-up display can also be viewed from the front passenger seat

Like the old study, the new study also contains a panoramic view system. “Information is displayed at the optimum height in the driver’s field of vision and, for the first time, across the entire width of the windshield,” writes BMW.

It may look like a large head-up display, but the new technology is not intended to replace the HUD, but rather to complement it. One special feature is that you can see the content not only from the driver’s seat, but also from the passenger’s seat.

Design experts imagine light cord fabrics as materials. This matches the illuminated dashboard – which was still dark in the previous study. BMW wants to do without chrome and leather. The front seats are anchored to the floor with a single support, which is said to improve rear legroom.

The production car will be built in Debrecen, Hungary. The sixth generation of “eDrive” provides the drive. In addition to “high efficiency” electric motors, this also includes New cylindrical battery cells. It should bring a higher energy density than the prismatic (i.e. cubic) cells previously used. BMW also promises up to 30 percent faster charging speeds and up to 30 percent more range.

More about the new layer:

BMW will also build a new class in China from 2026
The new BMW class gets 4695 and 46120 cells (update)

In general, the Vision New Class should have the characteristics of iVision Dee and study recycling BMW i Vision Circular combination in one car. BMW hasn’t revealed which car the study is actually anticipating.

Officially it has already been revealed in the beginning Six models based on the new class It was planned. It is also clear that it will start with an SUV and a limousine in today’s 3 Series segment (that is, in the middle class). Accordingly, the study can be a preview of i3 – the abbreviation yet Production of the BMW mini car is discontinued become free. We will know in two years at the latest if we are right.

Source: BMW (via email)