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Design District – Ziersdorf artists moved to the Vienna Hofburg

Design District – Ziersdorf artists moved to the Vienna Hofburg

“Dress Code: Cocktail” was part of the invitation to the opening evening of the “Design District” exhibition in the former imperial residence. Many glass objects were prepared for the Ziersdorf artists. The screen showed images of the many possibilities that glass art offers.

“It’s the first time I’ve participated in an event of this size. It’s exciting,” Christine Weiser said last Thursday (October 5) in the Hofburg. Before the official opening, she and Eric Schröter took a short tour of the historic galleries to get an impression of the exhibitors. others. “We just saw part of it and it’s at least 7,500 square metres,” Weiser said.

Born in Eggenburg, she began drawing at an early age, and her years of training with Peter Schneider had a special influence on her artistic career. Since 2009, she has been running her own studio Illuminare in Ziersdorf as a permanent meeting and art venue, where you can get a personal impression of her art. She is a member of the ARTSchmidatal Artists Association as well as the Professional Association of Visual Artists in Austria and the Cultural Network in Lower Austria. She has also been working with glass expert Eric Schroeter for about six years: “The creative collaboration with Eric has enabled me to open up a new space in glass for my fine art and expand it creatively,” explains Weiser.

Schroeter has been working as an artist for 30 years, and in that time he has also completed drawing courses. In addition to classical glass works, he has already equipped several buildings, for example fitness centers and apartments, with his glass art. About collaborating with Weiser, the master glassmaker says, “Kristin designs and draws, and I execute the designs on the glass.” Plates, table tops, shelves, windows and shapes, for example large-sized flowers or hearts, are manufactured. The painting is done on a film that is placed between two glass plates. After cutting the shape in question, the glass is tempered.

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The next opportunity to see the work of the two ARTS members will be at the Open Studio Day on October 21 and 22 at Atelier Illuminare.