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“Designer in a hurry” from today on TV: Stierln in the spin cycle, Select in the sink

“Designer in a hurry” from today on TV: Stierln in the spin cycle, Select in the sink

Finally, a great setting for the evening’s main programme: an abandoned laundromat. The instruments are padded, the drums don’t spin, the action still isn’t spotless: ORF’s hit series “Schnelldetermined” kicks off its seventh season on ORF 1 today – very differently than usual. Because Angelika Schnell (Ursula Strauss in her main role) is fired from the police, her son is in prison, and Franczyk is retired: they both cannot stop squabbling in other people’s lives and solving cases, they start private detectives, poorly equipped in this salon. A coincidence leads to an old acquaintance of Eberhard Pina, sensitively embodied by Johannes Silberschneider, who is worried about his girlfriend Sandra. The duo takes charge.

The Stubborn Policewoman already has 74 episodes, four 90-minute programs, and a total of 3,500 minutes on the air. “Fastly Determined” is a successful export product, and the series has recently been licensed to Spain, Italy and the USA, among others.
One recipe for success: The series has reinvented itself many times, according to program director Stephanie Gross-Horowitz. “These characters are timeless,” says director Michael Ripple, who directed episodes 70-74 this time around. “What they have already endured!” The series returns after dark, gloomy stages with lightness and freshness. New milieus and places await – separate from the Commission and from autopsies. One of the episodes is said to be about the kidnapping of a doll.

However, it starts as usual: the intro has remained the same. At the time it was one of the most expensive trailers for ORF production; It was filmed at the U4 station near the Naschmarkt. Now the original script with newly told material seems to have run out of time.

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The development of the series was revolutionary: based on an idea by Eva Spritzoffer, the duo Schnell and Franczek were invented, and the characters were modeled on paper. Since then, a team of authors has worked on an ongoing story and issues: this time Verena Kurth, Güntmar Lasznig, Katrina Hajos, and Konstanze Fischer.

What do Ursula Strauss appreciate most about this character? “She does not allow herself to be defeated, she is not afraid of conflict and she is completely with herself. She cares what others think of her,” she said in an interview with the newspaper Kleine Zeitung. The audience is completely different. Even today, according to the head of TV cinema Katharina Schenk, the character of Angelica Schnell is polarizing Many callers would complain that they were making hands-free calls while driving, for example.