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Jurgen Drews: Florian Silberisen reveals sad things

Jurgen Drews: Florian Silberisen reveals sad things

Florian Silbereisen: Great connection to Jürgen Drews

As one of the largest in Schlager’s business, Jürgen Drews has decided on 2022 Turn your back on the stage. The problems became very severe due to his polyneuropathy. Both fans and his colleagues mourned the farewell of the “Ein Beit Im Kornfeld” singer. Florian Silberisen thought of something very special to duly celebrate Drew’s career: he dedicated him a celebratory rendition of “For the last time: Farewell to the big hit!”. Great gesture from the broker! The great bond between the two striking stars is no coincidence. In an interview with “”, Fleury expressed his strong admiration for the singer W Their intimate friendship:

Jurgen and I have gotten to know each other very well in recent years. I appreciate him very much and if Jurgen needs me, Then there I am. […] Jurgen is a very sensitive and deep person. He can handle a large party both on and behind the stage, as well as a calm, intense conversation about life, politics, the environment, and aging. He’s just a good guy.

In the future, the two will only meet privately, because Jurgen’s last trip to the big TV stage has come to an end. He is now focused on his retirement life, but at the same time he has to continue learning how to deal with his multiple neurological disease. It works. It works more and more in his lifeSilbereisen also got to experience it when they were on tour for several weeks in 2022 for “Das Große Schlagerfest XXL”. The artist recalls how the disease affected Drews: “The long day trips were exhausting at times and there were days when Jurgen was just there He was tired, exhausted and broken.”