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Details about the item system and skill deaths in the new Q4 update •

Details about the item system and skill deaths in the new Q4 update •

Diablo 4’s new update is all about your personal progression. Weapons, skill points, and a large table of values ​​are explained.

Latest quarterly update on Tatweer Diablo 4 Exists and explains the new element system, character progression system and shows you the ideas behind the new visual effects.

Character values ​​become more important

Blizzard wants to make the battles in Diablo 4 more customizable and give more meaning to your character’s individual skills. Previously, your strength depended largely on the equipment you found and to a lesser extent on your character’s progress. That must change.

Skill points get more powerful in Part 4 – and the weapons you find help you upgrade your skills. Items can contain skill bonuses, increase unlocked values, or even give you access to skills you haven’t learned yet.

In addition, legendary properties of items are no longer tied to a specific item type and can appear on rings, shields, or helmets. These properties can even be extracted and placed on another legendary item. The extracted object is destroyed in the process. There must be some victims.

With the new Paragon board, your layout will be more customizable than before. Here you can improve your character’s values ​​in various rare areas. If you get to the so-called gate field, you can attach another panel. So you can accumulate a very individual set of rewards for your hero.

This is what a typical full board looks like in Diablo 4. It has many natural fields, a magical and rare field, and a legendary field.

Opponents can die a thousand deaths (perceived)

Diablo 4’s lighting system is based on the PBR system – the particles in the game interact realistically with the surrounding light. Especially in combat situations, improvements must be made so that each ability receives proper attention based on its priority and the player can keep track of things.

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Blizzard is also pleased to announce the coveted feature of Diablo 3: Skill-Based Fatalities. What does it mean? Depending on your hero’s abilities, you can kill your opponents in different ways. For example, you can decapitate, split, freeze, crush, eviscerate, cut in half, poison the skin, and burn the numerous creatures in the dungeons.

It looks very promising. the full update It can be found on the Blizzard blog.