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Developers on Steam and the future of the game

Developers on Steam and the future of the game

From Andrew Link
Anno 1800 developers have commented on the future: they have confirmed the Steam version of the title and also that there will be no more seasons. However, support should continue until at least spring 2023.

It’s time to say goodbye. Anno 1800 developers have confirmed that no more new content will appear for the title. The fourth season of 2022 came as a surprise and because of the loyalty of the fans. There will be no Season 5 in 2023. “To use a metaphor: Just as the year ends after four seasons, Anno 1800 will also see the end of its major development after Season 4.”

But even if there is no more new content, support will not end immediately. There are a few small projects planned for 2023:

  • First, by popular demand, additional (paid) cosmetic DLC packs will be released over the next year. I think you’re still getting requests for more cosmetic content. Details will follow in 2023.
  • Secondly, apart from potential patches, there will be a free update to the game in the spring, which will contain not only bug fixes but also some additional quality of life improvements.
  • Last but not least, something simple to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary should be prepared for.

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Anno 1800 is back on Steam

So the support will continue through the spring of 2023 and should end around the 25th anniversary. If you haven’t played Anno yet, you can look forward to Ubisoft bringing the game back to Steam. Some will still remember the controversy before the main game was released. It can be assumed that Ubisoft will also put together a full package consisting of the main game and all the DLCs. Launching on Steam on December 8th.

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Dragon Garden DLC Cosmetic Pack

Like Twitch drops, the cosmetic DLC isn’t exactly controversial, but it’s ultimately not critical to the game either. The first of these planned contents is Dragon Park. Just in time for the Lunar New Year, the “Dragon Garden” pack will be released, giving players several new trinkets that will allow them to decorate a part of the city to Princess Qing’s liking.

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Anno’s future is assured

And what’s next for the Anno series? The developers do not hide the fact that Anno 1800