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Die Fantasysaga “Shadow and Bone” on Netflix

Die Fantasysaga “Shadow and Bone” on Netflix

It is not a good idea to eat cherries with folkra, because they love human flesh above all. When a small sailboat (no, no description) in the first episode of the new Netflix series “Shadow and Bone: Legends of Grisha” slides into the blackness of a mysterious lane, the sails are blown away by a magically generated wind, the flying monsters are accidentally ignited by a kerosene lamp Tempting. A small schooner has just reached the first 37 marks, and the expedition is threatened with failure. Monsters rush to deck with leather wings, claws of sailors and soldiers and – with her hair – the young cartographer Alina Sarko (Jesse Mi Lee), whose parents are alleged to have “eaten them at the Mysterious Passage.”

This could have been an unfortunate accident, of course, because Alina – without even knowing it, even without anyone suspecting it – is the most important person in the modern history of the Roca Empire. More important than the stocky Tsar and his meager stature, more important than all their generals and engineers. Because she is Grisha. And when the need is dire and the boat trip is at the knife’s edge, their incredible power is revealed for the first time.

A Brief Introduction to Grishaversum

Grishas are people endowed with magical talents and are divided into different ranks: Korporalki (healers and shape changers), Ätheralki (group of element rulers divided into categories of “Fluter”, “Striker” and “Inferni”) and Fabrikatori (manufacturer of “special” merchandise). Shadow Path is an anomaly of absolute darkness, created hundreds of years ago by more of the Grisha known as the “Black Heretic,” which divides Rawka’s land and which grows exponentially. Canoes are ships that can float on the sand and make trips through a mysterious pass.

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In Rawka pushing the tractor, she wages war in the country of Fjerda in the north, who wants to kill Grisha because they are mistaken for witches and witches there. One must resist the influence of the Asian Shu Han Empire in the south and always realize that the greedy merchants on Kerch Island (in the east in the so-called “true sea”) are exploiting emergency situations. As a viewer, you have to memorize many terms and want to have a Grisha map and glossary in your head.

To do this, you have to remember quite a few names and faces in “Shadow and Bone”, because the team surrounding the model Eric Heiser has, in addition to the characters and story from Leigh Bardugo’s romantic trilogy “Grisha”, also crossed characters from the novels “Grishaversum” from the group “Crow” by the Israeli-born American writer. Youve! Obviously, one remembers the headache when watching the first “Game of Thrones” season.

The underdog in the orphanage literally becomes an image of light

The heroine Alina is the personification of the legend Roca. Grisha was unable to create a light like her, and when she does, an Elisian devil looks like Elf Galadriel’s mistress in the first “Lord of the Rings” movie when she gives Hobbit Frodo a brief idea of ​​how terrifying her will become, Soron’s “only ring” that came in her hand. In “Half Show”, Alina was bullied as a child in the orphanage as “rice eater” and “half-blood”. Nothing referred to some form of light whatsoever. She was the only friend who had always protected her, with whom she suffered through thick and thin, the orphan Mali (Archie Reno). Poor and poor love to join together.

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But all of a sudden it has become a “sun fight” and everyone is pulling it off. The influential, charismatic and charismatic General Kerrigan (Ben Barnes) wants to get her to destroy the Shadow Corridor with her gift (which would also destroy the separatist aspirations of West Roca), and employ other forces Kaz (Freddy Carter), Jessper (Kate) Young) and Eng (Amita Suman), the trio of crooks from Ketterdam, the capital of Kerch, with Alena being kidnapped, and that is exactly what is being prevented.

This fictional epic takes some time, and is complex and captivating in books, to have its full effect on the screen. Grisha’s uniform looks very colorful, and during “Game of Thrones” (GoT), each cave seemed to consist of real rocks and stalactites. The caves in “Shadow and Bone” look like a budget line. The dialogues often lack spirit, and the narrative greatness of GoT has not been achieved.

The heroine and the audience are asked: Don’t give up!

At first, everything works like the classic “Who would?” , The Familiar Fictional Crisis Resolution Story: Just as the episode must go to Mount Doom, the Great Light must pass through the mysterious corridor. And the underdog has to take care of him. Everything is as usual, except that the settings are not from medieval times as usual, but are reminiscent of nineteenth century Russia. The closest thing to this is Amazon’s “Carnival Row”, which has been in control since the first episode.

But once all interest groups cling to their strings, when the first secrets begin to pass, when doubts are planted about the purity of the motifs, and when some of the characters start to shine and develop notoriety, then you are in for a binge. The moment comes when the series kicks off like hungry Volkra and makes us fidget late – in the fifth episode of its eight episodes. Grishas couldn’t evoke the enthusiasm of the audience either. To Alina and her fans: Don’t give up!

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“Shadow and bones”, On Netflix, Eight Episodes, composed by Erik Heiser based on casts by Leigh Bardugo, with Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Freddy Carter, and Archie Renaux (it can air from April 23)