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Dramatic revelation about your daughter!  "I'm finally"

Dramatic revelation about your daughter! “I’m finally”

Dramatic revelations by Shiyan Uchenknecht, 21: The young mother is currently very worried about her daughter Mavi…

Cheyenne Uchenknecht: ‘Mavi is about to suffocate’

That year, Cheyenne Uchenknecht’s life changed from day to day: in March, daughter Mafi saw the light of day. Since then, the young mother has enjoyed her life to the fullest as a mother and lets her followers also I am always happy to be a part of it.

But their latest accounts are disturbing because The little boy is sick She puts her mother, Cheyenne Uchenknecht, in great concern. Reason: Toddler has a strong cough, and is currently very sticky, and even after a hospital visit, Mafi doesn’t seem to be feeling better – quite the contrary: Cheyenne revealed on Instagram that she was even worried Her daughters can suffocate!

As not from yesterday to tonight twice in my opinion You could suffocate in the mud, I wrote to the pediatrician. […] So I went to see him this morning and he x-rayed her.

You can read more about Cheyenne Ochsenknecht here:

Cheyenne Uchenknecht’s concern: ‘Nerves are at the end’

It now seems clear that little Muffy may have RS, which can cause severe respiratory problems in infants and young children. The situation is not easy for her 21-year-old mom: I was finally on my nerves for two days Because Mafi looks like a heavy smoker.” So he is 21 years old.

For Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, her daughter’s health is now a top priority, which is why she is currently less active on the internet – totally understandable! get well soon!

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