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"Farmer is looking for a wife" - Lady Lara throws Franzi in the towel!

“Farmer is looking for a wife” – Lady Lara throws Franzi in the towel!

land escape in A farmer is looking for a wife! The stewardess actually wanted the horse larra Get to know the two applicants better at Big Barn Festival. She was hoping to go to interior designer Melanie or nanny Franzi Big Love to exist. The latter is actually a favorite of the Schleswig-Holstein woman. However, in the current episode, things are going very differently for Lara than expected: Franzi resigns of her own free will and leave!

On single dates, Lara always looks to be close to the 24-year-olds. With this, however, the first doubts arise. Franzi admits in an interview: “It felt weird. I wasn’t comfortable in the situation. It was a weird feeling.” A little later she made a decision and wanted to pour pure wine for the TV farms. During an open discussion about where the ladies are waiting, she seizes the opportunity and declares: “I have a feeling it’s inappropriate and the spark didn’t jump out. That’s why I really wanted to leave.” For Lara, this news did not seem to be a surprise. “It wasn’t out of love,” she agrees.

From now on Melanie is the only lady waiting. But the 34-year-old has already expressed his concerns about Lara. After Franzie announced her departure, the blonde finally confirmed: “I can imagine staying here for a few more days to get to know you better. There will probably be more time.”

You can find all the information and consequences of “Bauer sucht Frau” at RTLplus.

Melanie, Lara, Jennifer and Francesca at “Bauer sucht Frau” 2021
Franzi and Melanie Maid Lara at “Bauer sucht Frau”
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