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Dream wedding in Austria: Jessica Paszka's wedding photos in the snow

Dream wedding in Austria: Jessica Paszka’s wedding photos in the snow

Couple’s dream “bachelorette” Jessica Paszka And Johannes Haller married. The two dared to meet in a romantic setting in Austria. “Mr. and Mrs. Haller,” the two reality stars thrilled to their Instagram fans, who took the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Jessica Paszka’s elegant groom and glamorous wedding dress.

Married Jessica Paszka and Johannes Haller

Because of the lockdown in Austria, there were complications beforehand when planning the wedding. The couple really wanted to get married in the Alpine Republic, but they also formulated “Plan B” in order to dare to go elsewhere. Paszka and Haller should be happier that the wedding can take place as planned in their “Winter Wonderland” dream, they write on Instagram.

Haller and Paszka have posted more photos and videos of their wedding to their Instagram Stories. A video clip shows the bride and groom dancing on the dance floor with their young daughter Healy-Soo after they said yes at the next ceremony. At the wedding festivities, Baszka took off her lavish wedding gown. The party lasted until late at night in a sexy party dress.

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