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We Blame the Empire: Neue Single + Video "Heart Eater"

We Blame the Empire: Neue Single + Video “Heart Eater”

We blame the empire – brutal screams meet clean catchy vocals, melodies meet meltdowns and are included in the critical synthesis elements one might call the trademark of the four. After two albums and an AMADEUS nomination in the Hard’n’Heavy category, Metalcore’s sizzling baby now comes from Vöcklabruck with new material. Fighting within oneself – the hardest battle one has to fight in one’s life – deals with the new single “Heart Eater”, which will be released on December 17, 2021 on all streaming and download sites.

“Heart Eater heals a loss of will. He looks for help that gets lost more in the void and trusts in false calls that sound too familiar. The inner voice that sounds so good, invites you to trust him and take the initiative. Everything gets better for a little while and feels good, but appearances are deceiving – disappointment Hope tracked it down shortly.
The conflict within oneself is the most difficult struggle that one must compete with in his life. Regardless of whether it is an addiction, a fear, or a desire, this obstacle can only be overcome by one’s own strength.”

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