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Election for Speaker of the US House of Representatives October 2023

Election for Speaker of the US House of Representatives October 2023

Republican Jim Jordan lost the first round of voting to become Speaker of the House of Representatives. With 200 MP votes, Jordan missed the required majority of 218 votes. Democrat Hakeem Jeffries received 212 Democratic votes. So the next round of polling is expected to take place.

The US House of Representatives failed to re-elect a Speaker

Like the January 2023 election for Speaker, Republicans failed to elect a Speaker. Although the Republican Party had the necessary majority in the US House of Representatives, there were preliminary conflicts over the nomination of the nominee. This was preceded by Kevin McCarthy (R), who was elected on January 3, 2023. It was voted through in the House led by Republican hardliner Matt Gaetz with the help of Democrats’ votes. The background is the controversy over the Budget Act. Some Republicans and the radical libertarian caucus demanded that McCarthy reject compromises with Democrats and drastically cut government spending. Steve Scalise (R), who also received the internal vote, should be nominated early for current elections. Scalise became the chairman of the Republican Party but eventually withdrew his candidacy due to lack of support. Jim Jordan is considered a hardliner and confidant of Trump, who supported him especially during the impeachment proceedings and during his challenge for the 2020 presidential election. He is particularly criticized by moderate members of the Republican Party. As Kevin McCarthy was voted out, the US House of Representatives could not make decisions.