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Lavrov criticized the “dangerous” US military policy in North Korea

Lavrov criticized the “dangerous” US military policy in North Korea

The Russian foreign minister accuses the US of bringing “strategic infrastructure, including nuclear components” into the region.

After talks with the North Korean leadership in Pyongyang, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized the military policies of the US, Japan and South Korea as “dangerous”. “Like our North Korean friends, we are seriously concerned about the intensification of US, Japanese and South Korean military activities in the region, as well as Washington’s policies,” Lavrov told a press conference on Thursday.

Lavrov said the US would bring “strategic infrastructure, including nuclear components,” without giving further details. “We reject this unproductive and dangerous trend,” he added.

A visit to North Korea

Lavrov has been on an official visit to North Korea since Wednesday. The minister said that Moscow, Beijing and Pyongyang are trying to “present alternatives in a constructive way to the escalation of tensions” in the region. “We are in favor of establishing a regular dialogue process on security issues on the Korean Peninsula without any preconditions,” Lavrov added to reporters.

The Russian foreign minister’s visit to North Korea comes at a stage of rapprochement between Moscow and Pyongyang in the wake of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. The US fears that Pyongyang could supply Moscow with weapons to fight in Ukraine.

Preparations for Putin’s visit to North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to a high-level meeting in the Russian Far East in September. However, the Kremlin assured that no deal was signed at the event.

According to the Kremlin, Lavrov’s talks this week will form the basis for Putin’s visit to North Korea. The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that contacts between the two capitals would “continue”.

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Historical allies Russia and North Korea have both come under massive sanctions — Ukraine for its nuclear tests, Moscow for its attack on Pyongyang. (APA)