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Elon Musk mocks the German leader's comments about a "waste of time" world

Elon Musk mocks the German leader’s comments about a “waste of time” world

CDU President Armin Laschett laughed at the camera about the car’s future. Mr. Lachette commented on hydrogen technology in cars, which Musk immediately mocked. At Tesla’s plant in Granheid, Berlin, Mr. Laschett spoke to Mr. Musk on Friday about making electric cars: “What is the future of the car?”

After that, Mr. Lachet began listing alternatives to using electricity for vehicles, including hydrogen.

However, Musk later abandoned that comment and boycotted the politician.

Then Mr. Musk said, “Electrically, of course.

“Hydrogen is a waste of time. Then the musk exploded.”

As Mr. Musk continued to laugh, Mr. Lacht’s list of other ways to boost vehicles fell.

The event promised to make images favorable to Mr. Lacht’s campaign.

But when Musk laughed at the CDU chief in front of the camera, the opportunity seemed lost.

German media reported that Mr. Lachett was badly beaten by the taunting of the Tesla boss.

The incident that made Mr. Lachey laugh is now an Internet meme.

Comments increased on social media.

One user wrote: “Laughter blushes again.”

Another said: “When Mark Zuckerberg visits Musk, he will ask Lachet what he thinks of the future of communications, social media or fax machines.”

But after the incident, Mr. Musk paid tribute to Mr. Lachet.

“He seems to be a great man,” he said.

Tesla’s new plant in Berlin can produce 500,000 electric cars annually.

A battery factory based in Germany is also planned for Musk Tesla.

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Additional reporting by Monica Ballenberg.