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Epic sci-fi director has big plans

Epic sci-fi director has big plans

After the success of “Dune” we can certainly expect a sequel in the cinema. But even after that, director Denis Villeneuve is planning another film.

In 2021 Denis Villeneuve finally appeared “Dune” In cinemas, he was able to convince critics. The science fiction film did well at the box office, grossing over $400 million worldwide. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like much, but if you think the title will be released on the streaming service at the same time as the theatrical release HBO Max Released and emerging in the midst of an epidemic, “Dune” caused quite a stir.

The risk paid off and some time ago it was Warner Bros. Dune 2. In an interview with Clashes Director Denis Villeneuve has now spoken about the new challenges the sequel brings with him and whether there might be another ‘Dune’ movie after the sequel hits cinemas. The second half of the first book is currently being filmed. In theory, the film from the adaptation “Dune Christ” Come on, the director revealed the following:

“Now I can imagine a third movie and do ‘Dune Messiah’ that will complete Paul Atreides’ story, which I think would make sense. But both of these movies, these movies are monsters and I can only do one movie at a time. If I survived. From Dune: Part Two, I Might Do Christ.”

Dune has wowed critics and fans alike, and it’s certainly among the best science fiction films of recent years. You can find out which clips you should watch in our video:

Denis Villeneuve wants to fully focus on “Dune 2”.

This sounds like good news for fans of the sci-fi series, but the third movie has yet to be officially confirmed. After all, “Dune 2” should also convince at the box office and even if Villeneuve already proved it with Part 1, he should pull off the feat again. However, the director appears to be in good spirits and states that he is fully focused on the sequel. Only then can he think about the future, as he says in the interview:

“It’s not like I’m directing another story or another moment. It’s really part two of a bigger story and I’m 100% focused on part two. I’m not someone who can multitask. I like being able to fully focus on one project at a time. Once “.

In fact, “Dune 2” will not tell a separate story, but it will relate directly to the first part, where we will definitely learn more about the character of Zendaya Chani, among other things. Filming for Dune 2 will begin in late summer 2022. The sci-fi sequel is said to be in Autumn 2023 You start at the cinemas.

Now it’s your turn. How familiar are you with science fiction movies? Prove your knowledge here:

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