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Estelle and Oscar of Sweden dressed in vintage costumes

Estelle and Oscar of Sweden dressed in vintage costumes

Basics in a nutshell:

  • The crown prince’s family attended a Swedish opera
  • They also got a look behind the scenes
  • Even Estelle and Oscar tried on costumes

The Swedish royals are also in the Christmas spirit. Crown Princess Victoria She (45) went to the opera with her family. There they watched the performance of the classic “Cinderella”. But before the show began, the Swedish royal family was allowed a look behind the scenes. They seem to be particularly taken with the wardrobe. Above all, it was about shimmering, ballerina dresses Estelle (10) Excited. To the happiness of the royal offspring, her 10-year-old boy was allowed Brother Oscar (6) Slipping into historical fashion.

You can see how cute Estelle and Oscar look in disguise in the video above!

Victoria & Daniel from Sweden: glowing by the Christmas tree

Crown Princess Victoria’s Daniel from Sweden (49) He seems to be in the Christmas spirit this year. The two monarchs accepted a Christmas tree from the students at Forestry Academy in Stockholm Palace and seem to be having a great time. Wearing a red dress with a black sweater, the 45-year-old rocked a Christmas look. Prince Daniel took it a little easier, opting for an elegant black tailcoat and burgundy tie.

You can see how much fun the Swedish Royal Family had this Christmas in the video below!

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