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European Union countries - agree to the use of artificial intelligence

European Union countries – agree to the use of artificial intelligence

The European Union took a step forward in regulating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on Tuesday in Brussels: member states agreed on a common position. As part of the so-called artificial intelligence laws, a legal framework for artificial intelligence will be created for the first time all over the world. It is in the field of criminal prosecution or dealing with customer or patient data. The EU Parliament’s position is still pending.

State Minister for Digitization Florian Türski, who led the negotiations for Austria at the EU Telecommunications Council, said that AI could “achieve a variety of positive effects, such as increased efficiency, improvements in medical treatment or in-depth analysis of data”. Depending on the broadcast. “But we must also ensure that the fundamental rights and freedoms that matter to us in Europe are not left behind.”

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Therefore, the EU regulation aims to define future AI applications that will be banned or that will only be possible under certain conditions. For example, social scoring or group surveillance should not be allowed. For other critical applications, such as in application processes, there must be strict criteria for approval and use of technologies.

Before the AI ​​law comes into force, EU member states must still negotiate with the European Parliament. The decree will come into effect from 2025. (APA)

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