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At Summer Game Fest 2021, newly founded studio Deviation Games announced that they are working on a new brand with Sony Interactive Entertainment. The studio is headed by Dave Anthony. Anthony was, among other things, the Director of Games at call of Duty Black Ops (2010), Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (2012) and responsible for the Zombies mode in Call of Duty. However, no specific information about the game has been provided.

Dave Anthony writes in Play Station: “We call ourselves typists. As Jason puts it, ‘As Freebies, we want to develop a Renaissance-style mindset.’” Deviance is not only about their own discipline, but also the enthusiasm of others. We believe that this is what makes our studio, company and team culture and this project unique and special. We know from experience that young designer studios need strong support to succeed. Therefore, working with PlayStation is our first private game of the utmost importance. (…) “I know what you’re thinking as you read this. What kind of game are we developing? Since when have we been working on it? Is it action-based? Multiplayer? Co-op? Or all – and more? When will the game be released while I can confirm that Development is underway, it’s too soon to publish any specific information on this subject. We build on what we’ve learned from creating games over the past few decades, but we also want to create something new, fresh and full of innovation, something you haven’t seen before. We’re not afraid to say that Our ambitions are very high: we want to make a massive, content-rich game with a lot of action and a lot of tension, but let’s leave it at that for now. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can share more.(…) Today I would like to say: Watch us – we’ve hired great talent from around the world, we’re over 100 typefaces, we’re growing fast and with you we have a great partner behind us.”

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