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"Exciting Story from Passau": the poet is deceptive

“Exciting Story from Passau”: the poet is deceptive

“Disappointed Zankel with his unconventional style and Frederick, ready to act fearlessly and professionally, could make a very good detective couple,” says Marie Linberger of the character constellation. “For the mother and daughter, who would like to follow in their father’s footsteps, who has never been named, as a journalist, the next stage begins now.” Presumably, they are no longer fleeing the clan’s revenge and Frederick manages to solve the complicated case and Zankle with a great deal of humor.

But the poet is deceptive, as explained in “The River His Grave” a week later (7 April). “The past catches up with everyone here. It is very exciting to see how the braided strands that were previously picked up continue.”


It’s excitingly difficult, even for a 42-year-old girl. “I like to play physically, I like to run in the scene or go up the stairs. I much prefer it in the car where you sit all the time. But what interests me most is the psychology of the character.”

You play them well in a scene where Frederick discovers that a clan member is in town. “Not again,” the former policeman moans bitterly. “It was really impromptu; the camera kept turning and then something like that happened – you just feel in that moment, damn it, the whole thing started all over again. I’m really glad that scene stayed in the movie. This short moment shows how Frederick really does, Which she is not allowed to display otherwise.”