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Lena Lorenz: "Without Words" - TV midwife gets into a violent storm

Lena Lorenz: “Without Words” – TV midwife gets into a violent storm

An unusual job for “Lena Lorenz”: The midwife (Judith Huerch, 41) is called to the Zenner family (Julia Malik, 45, and Michael Rast, 51). However, the baby of the entrepreneurs is already three weeks old. The urgency of Lena’s commitment is immediately apparent at the first meeting in the Zenners’ traditional costume shop: because they forgot milk, they fed their daughter Svea with apple juice!
Further investigations confirm Lena’s first impression: the girl weighs a little, has a sore bottom, and her navel is inflamed. A committed midwife encourages parents to feed Svea every two hours and document this. Lena is so surprised that an extra nanny does this at night. Likewise, Mika, the seven-year-old’s brother, mainly takes care of the little one.

Lina’s alarm bells are ringing

Lina is upset. but even dr. Keeler (Thomas Limpinsel, 57), which drew attention to the family, dismisses it. But because Lena does not give up, there is a scandal: Magdalena Zener resigns from her and even threatens to call the police. There is only one option left – Lena runs a youth welfare office, and the family comes with a cease-and-desist declaration.
Suddenly negative comments piled up on Lina’s website, “without words” saying the quality of postpartum gymnastics had gone down, and patients canceled because they looked for another midwife. The mayor also appeals to the conscience of the midwife. After all, the Zeners are a respectable people. Eve only (Eva MatisseSuspects: “Maybe I got too close to the truth?”
How Lena’s fears became justified a little later. When Mika wants to heat the bottle for crying Svea, the pot containing the hot, hot water overturns on the baby. Lena, together with her parents, is able to prevent a great tragedy with her quick intervention.
Lena has very little time for her private life with the developments surrounding the Zenners. Kind vet Aaron Kohlberg has come her way a few times.

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“Lena Lorenz” runs Thursdays at 8:15 PM ZDF. All episodes are already available in the media library.