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Fake SMS with circulating malware «

Fake SMS with circulating malware «

The Mobile Communications Forum and the three mobile operators A1, Magenta and Drei are warning about dangerous SMS messages. Their temptations are supposed to be related links.

11.10 a.m., June 25, 2021


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Scammers want to send bank or credit card details via SMS ©

Fake SMS containing malware is currently in circulation. The Mobile Communications Forum (FMK) On Friday, mobile operators Drei, Magenta and A1 warned against SMS with texts New Voicemail or Your SIM will be deactivated. There is a link here: if you click on it, you will install the “Flubot” trojan on your smartphone.

It is easier for a Trojan if you change the recommended security settings. In this case, the installation runs automatically. So far, “Flubot” has only been found on Android smartphonesHowever, it cannot be excluded that other operating systems are also affected.

The Trojan causes two problems: the infected smartphone sends additional SMS messages with the same content to all contacts. Since the SMS is not displayed in the outbox, this goes unnoticed by the owner. In the worst case, countless text messages are also sent to expensive value-added numbers, causing very high costs. In addition, malware tries to access bank and credit card details using fake entry masks.

Do not open unexpected links

If links are found in text messages that are unexpected or cannot be set, the link should not be opened. Messages should be deleted constantly, even if they arrive several times in a row. If the link in the message was accidentally clicked and the malware was installed, the . file Flight mode to activate. This cuts off the running connections.

All data for accessing payment applications, as well as to online stores, for example, must be changed from a different device. The smartphone must be reset to factory settings. So it is advised to backup important files externally at regular intervals as a precaution.

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