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iCloud-Backup verschwunden? Vorsicht bei zu langer Inaktivität

Is iCloud Backup Gone? Be careful if it has been inactive for too long

Apple iCloud backup is an easy way to save your documents and data too أيض apps and save your settings. This saves a lot of time if the device is lost or set up again – mostly. Because under certain circumstances a backup copy and all its user data are lost and an Apple Do not beware of this fact.

iCloud Backup is basically an ingenious solution to back up your personal data, documents, and media like photos and videos as well as all your apps and settings. If the machine is lost or replaced, the customer can set up the normal working environment again in a very short time.

However, there is a loophole in the iCloud backup strategy that many users are unlikely to realize: if the device is not backed up for a long time, it will be deleted.

Backups are discarded after six months

Lecturer Erin Sparling discovered this in anger recently IPAD created. He saved this in his iCloud backup and then handed over the device. When I put a new device back in later and wanted to import the backup again, it was found to be gone.

After half a year of inactivity, Apple deletes the device backup, regardless of whether it is a paid or free storage quota, Apple points to this fact in exchange Support Document There is, too. However, the group does not warn the user about this, for example by email.

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