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Farewell tour: Opus in Fürstenfeld -

Farewell tour: Opus in Fürstenfeld –


The slogan “Life Lives” was on Sunday evening at the start of Opus’ farewell tour on the main square in Fürstenfeld. Fans enthusiastically celebrated the band’s old and new songs – and there were also some surprising guests.

The music still sounds better live – also at the first farewell to the cult Opus on Styrian soil – aptly on the main square in Fürstenfeld: “Original music before my time was always tried in Fürstenfeld. So it’s really the place where you can say that The origin of Opus is, says the lead singer of Opus, Herwig Rüdeser.

The many memories don’t make it easy for the band to say goodbye: “When you think about how many times we’ve played at Fürstenfeld and then you have to say it’s going to be the last time, it’s really bitter,” says Opus guitarist Ewald Pfleger.

Timischl, Schiffkowitz and Bukowski on stage

But it’s easier with good friends—especially musicians Günther Temschel and Shefkowitz honor Fürstenfeld Hauptplatz in classic STS style “and with Opus, that’s a tradition. I’ve only really noticed now how I missed it,” Schefkowitz said.


Now we can finally celebrate again – Boris Bukowski also received honors. During the CoV period, he trained a lot – and didn’t forget anything: “I was very disciplined and of course this helps not only keep me fit, but also psychologically,” Bukowski said.

Last party on December 21

Opus fans should remain mentally strong, because the farewell is getting closer: “The closer we get to the closing ceremony on December 21 at the Graz Opera, the more emotional it will definitely be,” says Rudesser.

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