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Schauspielhaus Graz: Dramaturg appointed Andrea Felter as new manager in 5 minutes

Schauspielhaus Graz: Dramaturg appointed Andrea Felter as new manager in 5 minutes

Supported by staff consultancy Granat Executive Search and accompanied by a jury, Bühnen Graz has announced the appointment of a new Director for Schauspielhaus Graz from the 23/24 season. After a rigorous application process and hearings with the candidates, it was unanimous Andrea Felter He has been proposed to be the new managing director of Schauspielhaus Graz from the 2023.2024 season. The owners followed this suggestion and agreed to appoint Filter and hold service in state and city government as well as in the General Assembly. “The basis of this decision was the convincing presentation of a very interesting and exciting concept for Schauspielhaus Graz, which will ensure the shining of theater in the city, the region and also nationally in the future,” the broadcast said.

Success story to continue

“With Andrea Vilter, excellent dramaturgy has been earned as a future director of Schauspielhaus Graz. She is highly regarded in the German-speaking region and, in addition to many participations in well-known theater institutions in Germany, has already gained some experience in Austria. We are very pleased that Andrea Vilter, After her eclectic work in Salzburg and Vienna, you will now get to know better the cultural district of Styria and Graz. I am absolutely convinced that they will continue the success story of our theater and will add to it many wonderful chapters, which confirm that Styria is a great ground for drama and theater, “he said Christopher Drexler, Regional Adviser for Culture.