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Farming Simulator 22: A New Esports Update Has Been Released – That’s In It!

Farming Simulator 22: A New Esports Update Has Been Released – That’s In It!

Developer GIANTS Software continues work on Farming Simulator 22 and is releasing a new esports update today that brings new competitive gaming content.

As the professional Farming Simulator League FSL prepares for its fifth season, developer GIANTS Software releases a new esports update for Farming Simulator 22. This expands the multiplayer component of the game with new multiplayer modes. As part of Patch 1.10, Bale Stacking and Arena Mode are now available on PC and consoles.

Bale stacking can now also be played at home with up to six players. The goal is to stack cubic bales of hay onto a trailer while the chimes clock applies the same pressure as the bales themselves. The player with the highest score wins the game which can be started by entering eSports in the main menu.

However, arena mode is already known from the FSL and is now within everyone’s reach; Registration in the International League of Electronic Sports is not necessary. Two teams, consisting of three players each, compete for the high score by harvesting, raking and delivering wheat to the barn. A pick and block phase, random power-ups and a range of different strategic modes are intended to provide additional tactical challenges. The training mode should also make it easier for small teams and individual players to experience the game.

With the launch of the competitive multiplayer modes, the eSports League is also changing from the former indie client to Farming Simulator 22. Season 5 kicks off as part of FarmCon 23, which takes place on the 1st and 2nd of July in Lauingen. With HELM AG, there is also a new major sponsor; The total prize pool this time is €200,000.

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Farming Simulator 22 – Arena & Bale Stacking Multiplayer Update Trailer

GIANTS Software has given Farming Simulator 22 a new update with competitive features.