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You may have played too much thanks to fake social media, but disastrous approval

You may have played too much thanks to fake social media, but disastrous approval

from Joseph Hatik
With their land, a new survival adventure launched on Steam on June 6, which had a large number of players from the start, but attracted attention with a disastrous rating. What happened?

A new survival adventure is currently causing quite a stir on the Steam gaming platform – both positively and negatively. We are talking about their land, which was published on June 6, 2023 and according to the database SteamDB I was able to register more than 6,500 players at the same time within a very short period of time. Their land, however, easily left some of the more well-known versions behind. However, the reviews are on Steam store page A dreadfully poor read with nearly 17 percent approval.

Almost everything there is to criticize about the game in the nearly 500 reviews hits their ground: outdated graphics, frame rates that crash even on high-end systems, countless gameplay bugs – even a bitcoin miner is what individual reviewers want in a game. Discover. Logically, the question arises of where the supposed hype around the survival adventure comes from and why so many players were logged in at the same time on the day of release.

It appears the culprit was quickly identified: There are reportedly several trailers for the free-to-play game on the social media platform TikTok, which promised a much better game. However, solo developer Thomas Foerg wants nothing to do with these trailers and promises, as their land is “the product of a solo developer still studying.”

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The TikTok video is said to have shown, among other things, a non-existent multiplayer mode, just a “wave-based (sic) co-op mode”. It appears that similar promises have been made about the scope and size of their land, which the developer cannot fulfill on its own.