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Morbad Harbach – Easter Party as a Birthday Song

Morbad Harbach – Easter Party as a Birthday Song

Chairman of the Board Florian Leitner welcomed the guests and thanked Mayor Margit Juul for her support in purchasing red T-shirts for the young musicians. The guests of honor included, among others, deputy mayor Roman Prager, primary school principal Hubert Prinz, head of the traditional costume band Harmannschlag, Günter Anderl, and commander of the Lauterbach fire department, Klaus Mahler.

The young musical talent opened the concert with a bang. You can hear Julia Schmidt (transverse flute), Franziska Lafer, Marlene Thaler, Adrian Klein, Martin Bachofner and Elias Prager (trumpet), Helene Etzelstorfer (piano), Lucas and David Bender, Lilith Taxbock and Valentin Mayer (baritone), Simon Langut. (snare drum) and Alexander Bachofner (Styrian harmonica).

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Adrian Klein, the youngest member of the band, achieved his Bronze Performance Badge on Trumpet last year with an excellent pass. Twelve-year-old Alexander Pashofner discovered the stereo harmonica and began learning the instrument ten months ago with the help of the Internet. He performed two solo pieces. His enthusiasm was clear to see.

The band was backed vocally by Sofia Fragner. The new head of the Morbad Harbach community sang Carole King's “Hard Rock Cafe” and Snow Patrol's “Run.” Marilyn Hellinger and Joachim Weiss moderated the event and made the audience laugh with their stories. After the break, the orchestra surprised its conductor Reinhard Bauer, who was celebrating his fiftieth birthday that day. Everyone present offered him musical congratulations, and club president Florian Leitner finally presented him with a new baton.

Musicians participating in the traditional costume band:

Marlene Hellinger and Verena Klopf (flute), Andrea Wegerle, Helena Baumgartner, Martina Wandel, Nadja Christ, Sylvia Pfeiffer and Victoria Vogler (clarinet), Andreas and Michaela Kinder, Stefan Klein and Susan Grossauer (flugelhorn), Adrian Klein, Florian Leitner, Franz Kitzler and Jakob Bauer. (trumpet), Franz Coar and Corbinian Feininger (trumpet), Christian Coar, Hubert Kinder and Julia Bauer (tenor trumpet), Markus Annibas and Luboš Prochatska (trombone), Friedrich Prager and Josef Schnabel (tuba), Joachim Weiss (drums) and Maketenders: Melanie Haralter and Simon Midler.

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