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Filming begins for “Sisi” – the six-part TVNOW event series in association with ORF

With Dominic Devenport and Janick Schumann as Sisi and Franz as well as Julia Stimberger and Desiree Nussbush Ofm

Vienna (OTS) The fall of the first flap of the “Sisi” series event! Since mid-April 2021, the TVNOW six-part series of events has been created in collaboration with ORF, which takes a fresh and contemporary look at the life of the famous Empress of Austria. Directed by Sven Boehse, Dominic Devinport and Janic Schumann in front of the camera as Sisi and Franz Austrian actress Julia Stemberger takes on the role of Sisi’s mother, Duchess of Ludovica in Bavaria, winner of the Grimm Desiree Nussbush Prize can be considered Archduchess Sophie, mother of Franz. There is also Tania Schleiff (Countess Esterhazy), Paula Cooper (Fanny), David Corbmann (Count Grün), Pauline Renfer (Duchess of Helen “Nene” in Bavaria, Sisi’s sister), Austrian-born actor Yasmani Stampbader (Lagos Varcas), Giovanni Fontatti ( Count Andrassy) and Marcus Grosser (Sisi’s father, Duke of Max in Bavaria) are part of the main cast. Elena Hill and Robert Krause wrote the texts. Robert Croce and Andreas Goetzet are lead authors. The six-part series will be filmed in Germany (Bavaria), Austria, Latvia, Lithuania and Budapest until August 2021. It is scheduled to air at the end of 2021 on TVNOW and 2022 on ORF.

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The series of events takes a fresh look at the life of a young woman who made history as an empress and became a legend as a movie character. It recounts the love story of two young men between personal attraction and political pressure, between strength and weakness. On the one hand, Elizabeth from Austria-Hungary, called Sisi, who was known as “the most beautiful woman in Europe,” defied the strict court customs and knew how to use the strength of her outward appearance of herself and her ideals. On the one hand, Franz Joseph I, who transformed the burden of the crown into personal and political hardships, found an unusual ally in Sisi.

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“Al-Sisi” is produced by Story House Pictures for TVNOW in cooperation with ORF. The producers are Jens Freels and Andreas Gutzeit, who also act as galleries. Collaboration partner is also Satel Film (Heinrich Ambrosch and Bettina Kuhn). Al-Sisi is funded by FFA Filmförderungsanstalt and FFF Bayern. Beta Film is responsible for global sales – the series has already been purchased by French broadcaster TF1.

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