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Former British Parliament Speaker Bercow moves to the Labor Party – dpa

Theondon (dpa) – thanks to his calls to order (“ordeeeer, ordeeer”) he achieved worldwide fame – and is now a former member of the House of Commons John Berko They defected to the British Labor Party. The former Tory politician told the Observer in an interview published on Sunday.

Birko also took the opportunity to criticize the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “He is a successful activist, but a poor ruler,” Bercow said, adding, “I don’t think he has a vision for a more equitable society, any hunger for social mobility or a passion for improving the fate of people, who do not.” The 58-year-old said people were “fed up with lies, fed up with empty phrases, fed up with failure.”

During his tenure as Speaker of the House of Commons, Bercow generously interpreted the rights of MPs, and thus above all the former Prime Minister Theresa May cause trouble. At times a group of Brexit opponents in the conservative ruling party have managed to take over the legislative process with the help of the opposition in order to block the path to a no-deal Brexit. When Boris Johnson later put Parliament on enforced interruption, Bercow found clear words. He said at the time that it was an “act of executive delegation”. The Supreme Court later sentenced him and declared the closure of Parliament illegal.

Johnson did not nominate Bercow as a comeback coach as a member of the House of Lords, as is usually the case with previous House Speakers. Bercow’s successor to the speaker’s chair, Lindsey Hoyle, apparently distanced himself from Bercow’s peculiar style when he was elected two years ago. Meanwhile, he, too, is increasingly confronting the government.

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